Christmas Gift Ideas For Her (12)

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Ok, ok, ok maybe this is more of like 12 christmas gift ideas me haha. Although I’d leave out that foot massager. Now these items are interchangeable, you can get the same set but different products for variety. Everything is pretty much under $50 bucks for those budget minded individuals while a couple reach $100. So basically everything is under $100. The Lumo Lift is actually pretty neat once you read about what it is for. Apparently it helps with posture which is unlike any other band in the market, so that’s pretty cool. Those adidas shoes by Selena Gomez are futuristic looking and are half off at the moment. I didn’t even know she had a shoe, and surprisingly it goes up to a size 11. Therefore I had to add it in seeing that I’m a size 11 and cute shoes are hard to come by in women’s sizes. As you can see I’ve added in items from Victoria’s Secret, Bath and Body Works, and Women’s Nike, I am a fiend and I know it. Enjoy! Hopefully this relates to someone you know. Stay tuned for a 12 Christmas Gift ideas post for him!

christmas gift ideas

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