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Hello Ego

Oh hello there, nice of you to drop by. Its been awhile since I last posted and I wanted to start back up with my blogging. I am actually going to start a series (it’s the title of this blog post) where I reflect on things I see and hear for that week. It’ll be up every Thursday, since this is when I will be posting this blog. Its currently 1 A.M in the morning and I will be up for the next few hours because I napped already. What is humble and who gets to define who is or isn’t humble?

adjective: having or showing a modest or low estimate of one’s own importance.

verb: lower (someone) in dignity or importance.

I do feel it is a great aspect to have, but this can also be a hinderance. Therefore my posts will not directly reflect these meanings, it may have a hint of it but not mostly. Enough rambling, lets get on to this Humble Honey Talk.


Everyone has that thing they want to stop doing or start doing but can’t seem to find the right way to go about it. You make excuses and point blame at others but little do you know, its you. You hold the power to control your decisions, not other people. If you truly believe that other people are the driving force that is stoping you , then you are giving away your power and in turn are causing your aura to be weak. That ego can be a dangerous weapon to your daily progress in your “life”.

” I don’t know how”

“Why me?”

“It’s their fault”

” I can’t”

“No one loves me”

Look at your negative ego talking. Ignore it, be the power you seek. Think positive, speak positive, be positive. If no has ever told you, your dope (cliche I know, but you are). Stop downing yourself , start what you’ve been trying to start today. Whatever you’ve been trying to stop doing, stop it now. Whatever you feel is holding you back, just tell it to stay in its lane. Tell that negative ego, goodbye. Don’t let anything stop you from being the best you. You are your best self at all times. Each day, just try to be better than the next. You don’t have to be drastic, if yesterday you ate a slice of watermelon, take an extra bite today. It’s that simple. Own yourself, at all times. Hello Ego.

P.S Honey comes from bees, who kiss flowers. MakaluFlower…. get it? No? Ok, moving along.

-✿ Diamond

Hey! My name is Diamond and I present to you my very own creation, MakaluFlower. Welcome to my first blog, hope you enjoy!

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