if my shine blinds you, i am unapologetic

If My Shine Blinds You, I am Unapologetic


Lets reiterate this one more time incase you didn’t catch it the first time. If my shine blinds you, I am unapologetic. What does that mean exactly? Lets take a look at a textbook definition before I show what exactly I mean in this sense. The definition is as follows;

Not acknowledging or expressing regret.

Pretty simple and self-explanatory right? Yes? I thought so too. This post is basically for anyone who’s ever had someone in their life who couldn’t stand to see you succeed or be ahead in some aspect. They might not even have realized how toxic they were being but maybe you felt the vibe and noticed something was off. Here is my little snippet on that topic of what I feel “If my shine blinds you, I am unapologetic” means to me. By the way I did think of this while casually being on twitter. Ahhhh inspiration haha.

I feel as though I am at a point in my life where I feel as though if you are not contributing to my growth or you are bringing me down emotionally, I do not want you around. If I am intimidating and it is forcing you to act out in a negative way, you are not wanted. If I have to apologize for shining too bright for your taste, I do not want you around me. I am unapologetic.

Surround yourself with positive like-minded people and beware of those who secretly despise you but smile in your face. It’s common to realize someone who was once an important part of your life is no longer the same genuinely happy person they were for you in the beginning. Things change, feelings change, be aware of those changes and don’t become oblivious. This can relate to family, friends, and even significant others.

-✿ Diamond


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