Spooky Eyes Contacts Review!!!


Gaaaahhhhhhh this post is long awaited! I have been so busy with the beginning of my semester in the states with college, I haven’t had the tiime to actually review the lenses that I received from Spooky Eyes like I would have liked to. I was sent these lenses by SpookyEyes.com .These lenses came in the mail like a present, I had completely forgot I had requested them. Anyway these lenses are the standard circle lense size (14.5) and are in the color dark brown. My eye color is dark brown/black so with these lenses on top of my eyes they appear black, but definitely makes my eyes bigger. I received compliments on how dolly my eyes looked, kind of like seeing a baby who has big pupils. These lenses are actually very comfortable to wear but of course after about 4 hours you will definieltey need a few eye drops to rehydrate the eyes as these have a 42% water content in them. On the description listed for these Brown Eye Contacts , these lenses are said to last for about 3 months. If you would like more detail this link will take you to the specifications page. This post is sponsored by SpookyEyes, meaning I did not purchase these lenses myself. This review is an honest review and in no way represents the company SpookyEyes in anyway. I’m still learning so enjoy my blogging journey! Thanks for reading and thank you to spooky eyes for the lenses I received and was able to review. 🙂

Here are my goofy pictures, enjoy!

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