The Cheap Travelers Guide

Cheap travelers tips!

  • Cheap travelers oh where art though? Oh well of course there you are! Are you ready to read some amazing tips? Well I sure hope so! Keep scrolling and find out what crazy things I have to say for traveling on a budget. In other words this is a guide for all the cheap travelers out there!


  • A tip for cheap travelers is to choose times convenient for airlines and not yourself. Meaning try leaving in the morning around 7 or 8 am or at night around 10 or 11 pm.


  • Choose connecting flights, non stop flights are usually more expensive.


  • Avoid high traffic times such as holidays or high traffic seasons such as the summer.


  • Before you check for group flight rates check for one passenger first and compare. These differences can be disputed. This is a useful tip for any cheap traveler such as myself.

When should I book my flight?

  • United States

    • Book 4-8 weeks ahead of time
  • Central America

    • Book 5-7 weeks ahead of time
  • Caribbean

    • Book 3-4 weeks ahead of time
  • Africa

    • Book 4-6 weeks ahead of time
  • South America

    • Book 7 weeks ahead of time
  • Europe

    • Book 7-9 months ahead of time
  • Asia

    • Book 8-9 months ahead of time

What day of the week should I travel?

  • If you do a little clicking around on different sites you will notice that Tuesday and Wednesday are the cheapest days to leave and Monday is the cheapest coming back home.


  • Buying tickets on the weekend can also save you a few dollars as demand for flights are lower since everyone is usually enjoying their weekends.


  • If you want to be cheap travelers and save money do not depart or return on weekends.


 I recommend checking out these sights and trying out these tips to become successful  cheap travelers.

  1. Trip advisor
  2. Fare Compare
  3. Expedia
  4. Travelocity
  5. Orbitz
  6. Kayak

 Hopefully you guys enjoyed this post, I will be doing much more similar to this. It was pretty fun to write and I thought it might help someone who is at least trying to be cheap travelers as I myself am very cheap haha! Thanks for reading and see ya next time bloomers.

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